Лизинг или Кредит без SSN

- Частый вопрос: Есть ли смысл покупать машину по финансированию до получения соушела и платить завышенные проценты или лучше подождать и оформить уже с SSN?


- Если нет поручителя, то тогда конечно есть смысл брать кредит или лизинг.

При наличии одного SSN, процентная ставка не меняется, будет от 12-18% . Для низкой ставки нужен либо мощный поручитель, либо кредитная история.

Мало того в %95 кейсов SSN выдают через действительно долгий срок, куда дольше чем заявляют. За это время на аренду больше уйдет денег чем на процентную ставку. Лучше эти деньги платить за свою машину хоть и под большой процент, но при этом строить кредитную историю. Через год можно подать на рефинансирование под маленькие проценты. Но иметь сильную историю и вторую машину в семью уже брать по приятным выгодным условиям

В этом канале ссылка много информации по поводу первого лиза или кредита. Если будут вопросы, напишите прямо там. Наш отдел продаж всегда помогет советом

Lease Dictionary
Lessee - person who has leased the vehicle
Lessor - party who is leasing the vehicle to you. Bank or financial institute of auto manufacturer.
MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Dealers will try to base their leases on MSRP or above. We base on invoice or even less.
Term of Lease - length of the lease agreement. Typically from 24 to 48 months. 
Allowable Mileage - number of miles you are allowed to drive per year. Typically from 5.000 to 15.000 miles per year. Monthly payments depends on mileage.
Money due at signing - amount of money you have to pay to begin the lease. Typically includes 1st month payment, title, registration, tag and all fees. If you want to reduce the amount of monthly payment you will need to put down payment.
Residual Value - lessor prediction of what the car will be worth at the end of lease. The higher the residual, the lower your lease payment.
Depreciation - difference between the new car cost and the value of the car at the end of the lease.
Money Factor - interest rate of lease. To convert a money factor to an interest rate, multiply by 2400.
Sales Tax - may varies from state to state and county to county.Tax can be applied to the monthly payment or you may require by state to pay tax on the entire vehicle price.
Security Deposit - multiply security deposits can be made to reduce the interest rate and monthly payments.
Acquisition Fee - also called "bank fee". Charge for the work your lender has to put into setting up your lease agreement.
Disposition Fee - charged at the end of the lease when you return the vehicle.
Payoff Amount - amount of money you have to pay to own the vehicle. 
Sign&Drive or $0 Down?
$0 Down - you pay only inceptions: 1st month payment, tag, title, registration, bank and other fees... You never know how much you have to pay to start the lease!
Sign&Drive - no money out of the pocket due at signing. Your monthly payment already include 1st month payment, tag, title, registration, bank and other fees.
Why your prices are so low?
Our leasing experience in addition to our high volumes through our dealer network enable us to offer much lower prices than at dealership.
Are all your cars new?
Yes, all our cars are brand new.
Can I buy the car at lease end?
All of our leases have a set buy back option if you would like to purchase it.
What bank will I be leasing with?
All of our leases are financed directly thru the manufacturers own finance division.
Do all of your cars come with a manufacturer`s warranty?
Yes, all of our cars come with the full manufacturer bumper to bumper warranty & all other benefits.
Leasing or Financing?
The benefits of leasing vs. purchasing
• Monthly Payments are usually reduced
• The need for a cash down payment is reduced
• Upgrading to a more expensive model is easier
• It’s easier to benefit from the latest technology
• Lease-end purchase option

Financing (Purchasing)
Some potential advantages to financing (purchasing) the vehicle:
• Vehicle ownership upon final payment
• No mileage limitation
• No limitations to vehicle modifications. Though, some modifications may void the warranty.

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