Business credit application

Business credit application

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Number of employees*
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% Ownership*
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Officer 3 (First, Last Name) 
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Personal Guarantor information

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Last name*
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Social Security Number*
Cell phone*
U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien?*

How long *
Monthly payment (if rent or mortgage) ($)*
Previous address (if less than 2 years)

Current employer's name*
Position or Title*
How long*
Total gross income($)*
Current employer's address*
Business phone*
Previous employer (if less than 2 years) 
How long

Vehicle information

Desired Vehicle make and model, year
Desired Vehicle mileage, int/ext colors
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FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT TO CONSUMER. This will advise you that your retail installment sales contract and buyer's application for secured debt will be submitted to financial institutions and their affiliates for purchase and consideration as to whether you meet their credit requirements. The undersigned futhers autorized these financial institutions and their affiliates to obtain such information that they may required in order to verify information relative to this request including contacting spouses to verify spouse related information. I certify that all information given me on this application is complete and accurate. I give my permission for any financial institution which will review this credit application, to investigate my credit and employment history, and to answer questions about their credit experience with me including but not limited to late payments, missed payments or other defaults, and this information may be reported in your credit report.

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